We thought heal

He was young

So we saw

Him as confident

In his ability

To heal yet

He did not

Get back up

So to speak

He was young

So we thought

As one we

Thought his ability

To heal was

Young so to

Get back up

So to speak

We saw he

Did not he

Was so young

We thought we

Thought as we

We thought we

Saw his confidence

Get back up

To heal yet

So to speak

He thought to

Speak to get

Back up to

Heal but we

Thought as one



What God Can Do

God may laugh
& cry
at the very same time

It can learn
& forget
then remember at once

God may fly
& dive
as two people as one

And has names
& nicknames
even making some up

God can reach
& teach
the world how to punish

It can rape
& redeem
or can God not do what now

God may die
& reincarnate
as all of us over time

And has lived
& relived
your life at least twice

God may extinguish
& rekindle
all-that-can-be whenever

It is free
& determined
when It reads Its own future

And can exist
& not exist
or can God not do what now

God can be
& not be
or can God not do what now

faster food

fall asleep

with two papercut

hands in bags

of rock salt only

to dream the ancient

elf city of el

dorado smoldered

golden-red like the tip

of the pilot light

under your only oven


live awake

with two eyes inside

holes in my facebone

only to see

the present tense

moldering around

me like snow like

so many gel caps

tossed in the volcano