Hedonic Threshold

My face does
Not read like
Some life-or-death
Situation, yet I
Think only of both

Can you tell
That every statement
I produce, I collect
Under “Reasons to
Stay Alive”?

Do you realize
The sheer volume
Of beauty I must
Consume to fuel
A happy thought?

When a person
Tells me to stay
Positive, I wish
I had never tried
Before, but –

It is like
Running against
A hurricane to
Make it spin
The other way

It is like
Drawing nothing
From an empty well
and having a good
attitude about it

My face does
Not read like
Some coin-flip
Situation, but I
Am in the air


stretch taut across
the walkways and sidewalks –
ready to be tripped across, to
and cause
each thought to branch into seven:
two of these thoughts collide,
four thoughts divide,
one dies

four dreams
each dividing
till positive feedback –
can an infinite container
of infinitely growing size?
the tetragrammaton
is called panic


recurring daydream

a white nightmare
forces a waking state
but even “larks and catydids”
must dream

an ambition
is branded in the fat
and failure – the water to cool

dour desires
leave imprints on my eyes
(these nooses in my irises)
still, i

build tokyo
in my mind’s eye; i try
and get the architecture right
and can’t