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Origin Story

Be screamed the Lord
What cut the dark
Its thoughts’ knots
Pottered Its esophagus a
Dumb yawning sarcophagus
(Them living tomb
Warm unseen cancers)
Infiniplite in the way
A well vomits brack-
Black waters forth or
Hot rotten birth rings
Worm these diseases
Even before designing teeth
And greed the Lord
Bored the blackness
Clawed for Its image
And tore in the walls
Of the abyss to feel
Its fingernails smart
All in that horrid gasm
Of pandolorous grief
Complete pain brought life as
If pain were older
Than God


Flags Over Heaven

God’ll make a mistake

And we’ll eat golden eggs

And we’ll level the world

And we’ll all go to Hell


All these Dixie cups

Are the new Holy Grail

There is always enough

There is always enough


God’ll remake the world

And we’ll all laugh again

We were always in love

But we’re never enough

What God Can Do

God may laugh
& cry
at the very same time

It can learn
& forget
then remember at once

God may fly
& dive
as two people as one

And has names
& nicknames
even making some up

God can reach
& teach
the world how to punish

It can rape
& redeem
or can God not do what now

God may die
& reincarnate
as all of us over time

And has lived
& relived
your life at least twice

God may extinguish
& rekindle
all-that-can-be whenever

It is free
& determined
when It reads Its own future

And can exist
& not exist
or can God not do what now

God can be
& not be
or can God not do what now


i cannot remember living
a day that poured too slow
through the brown window

when god made me
did it require effort or
are ten billion-million souls
the product of no effort

i can remember white powdered
nightskies when your eyes eclipsed
over like two lunar events

when a god has made me for living
her life wraps up in a couple of lines

i can’t remember small cells
like a god of daylight cares
or thinks tirelessly of what
can soon become manifest

maybe god just waves
his big, old hand and does it