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Scrying her nine million microscopes,
Mind drunk on laniakoscopy, she
Plucks with lust a loom of golden leylines
Harplike to focus the nlimnite crystal
At her one Gargantua Particle

Bestowed on the angels each, like their gnames,
The Particle: a corpuscle of God:
She enstashed that hraw monad in her mind
Working an eviternity till now
To coeurprehend its weird architecture

Crystal, keys, chi-glyphs each in syzygy –
Sophia wrings a splash of ylem from an
Ygg tree growing in her laboratory –
Crazy apples cooling on the timepane:
A wicker basket of black holes for snacks

The sounds of Yes om slow and molten from
Her intricate instruments – unichords –
For now is the wowly kairos! she sings
And tipping accidentally, her cup
Dispills its psychedelicacies. “O!”

Dripsy daisy the liquid seeps in deep
Drench-and-drowning her only particle
Oiling over those glittering leylines
With the quality of oh no. The Oo
Eximploded and Sophia with it

Studies Show Beauty Show

“Studies show attractive people

Are more beautiful than people

(Who think of themselves)

(As unattractive))


“Using a scale of appreciation

(Controlling for this and that)

Confirms what we have always



“Beautiful people are (in fact)


(Whenever (and only when)

They (are) attract(ive))


stupid & violent

busy, stupid quarks
infiniplicating like sea monkeys
why? why what.
shh, tilt your head and listen…
the whole universe is bellowing
very uncomfortably
loudly (because the magnificent
universe is, on the
larger scales, a bit
of a moron). fact:
nothing can escape a
black hole, not even
your bright idea, so
just, just, just
just let it go, kiddo
you’re gonna die
in that darkness
(because the glorious
universe is, on the
larger scales, mostly interested
in violence)

The Angels

When they landed on their planet
(Which was ours up until then)
We couldn’t stop ourselves from talking
About the beauty of their skin

It was skin as if the night sky
Were dipped in mother of pearl
And when, with compound eyes, one saw you
You wanted to give it your world

Not only their intelligence
But their empathy as well
Their kind societies inspired us
Humanity? Relative Hell!

Deeply we desired to serve them
To earn from them love and trust
So hard to describe when you’re near one
But you must be near one – you must!

While watching one eat my sister
(With grace, with patience, it chewed)
I felt nothing but admiration
They deserve to keep us as food

Just as we deserve our sirloin
And pig fat for our dinners
In this contest of fitness called life
These angels – these souls – are the winners


the acolytes of science
dictate i cannot reach
emotional maturity for
another couple decades
(by no fault of my own
(by way of my y-chromosome))
so i sob in the meantime
and laugh and sob and
grip my fists in anger
and if you asked me why i
felt some way, i couldn’t say
i might peel my own artichoke
to measure the shape
of my very own heart
but how do you reassemble
an artichoke?